The Elly Story


Exquisite craftsmanship inspired by the most recent scientific advances in acoustics, sound, and tool-smithing. We want to produce your most treasured instrument and we’ve hit the books to do it. Science is a passion for us, craftsmanship is a love and we have the knowledge to bring them together.

The Elly Guitar Co. creates heirloom quality bespoke instruments to carry forth the mission of storytelling. We are in the business of helping people tell stories and pass down tradition and history in song. We want you to know your instrument as intimately as we do.

To help you construct the perfect guitar, we provide unique tools and resources. We maintain an encyclopedia of domestic and exotic woods, including sound profiles and origin. Each model is curated with expert guidance on specifications and combinations of features. Every instrument is hand-crafted here in New Hampshire by trained luthiers under the direction of master luthiers.


Science can carry you to design. Engineering can craft exceptional tools. But only the skilled hands of a craftsman can work each unique set of wood to reach their true potential. Aside from building by hand, we only use the finest and most responsibly sourced woods we can find. Every pencil mark and cut, every measurement is deliberate and intentional.

Mass produced guitars are built on an assembly line. Part A goes into Part B and often the guitar builder is more of a machine operator than a luthier. The notable guitar companies of the 20th century have abandoned real hardwoods for laminates. Cost control and an effort to make every guitar sound identical have left racks of guitars indistinguishable from each other.

We don’t think this is the right way to do things, sometimes the old ways of building are the best ways. Enhance that with measurable advances in science and take advantage of modern innovation.
At The Elly Guitar Company, we believe that if you plan your shop. If you plan your teams, methods, and cycles… you can produce a significant amount of extraordinary instruments of immense quality. Instruments that will delight clients, families, and audiences with a unique and crafted sound.

A bespoke instrument in the hands of either the amateur or professional will bring out the best in them. It will focus them on what they are doing. And each of these instruments will have their own, unique, tone.

At The Elly Guitar Company, we believe that we must give a damn. Many damns. More damns than anyone.

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