At the Elly Guitar Company we believe that if you plan your shop, teams, methods and cycles... you can produce a significant amount of extraordinary instruments of immense quality. Instruments that will delight clients, families and audiences with a unique and crafted sound.

A bespoke instrument in the hands of either the amateur or professional will bring out the best in them. It will focus them on what they are doing. And each of these instruments will have their own, unique, tone.



Science can carry you to design. Engineering can craft exceptional tools. But only the skilled hands of a craftsman can work each unique set of wood to reach their true potential. Aside from building by hand, we only use the finest and most responsibly sourced woods we can find. Every pencil mark and cut, every measurement is deliberate and intentional.

Looking Glass

​When coupled with hand selected woods from the finest sources, your guitar will turn heads, play to a different level and carry a legacy through your family.

Every Detail

No Detail is too small to be concerned with.  From design all the way down to tuning machines & strings; we agonize over every detail.

Elly Team


If you have a great design, but you don't have great people... you've lost the battle before you've begun. Having a great team means having great quality.

Our team loves your guitar as much as you do and there has been many a tear shed as each instrument leaves our shop for home.

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